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Death Trip

Death Trip

by peter gray hurley and shalo p

Published by Drippy Bone Books

38p, fool color, 5.5"x8.5"


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From Drippy Bone HDQTRS:

"i’ll let Shalo explain this one to ya”

“this new release sees the artists respectively knashing their teeth at their obsessions and desires, tearing inward into depictions of fear, isolation and charming forms of nihilism, revealing a common theme of self-defeating anxiety that propels them into “the spiritual pursuits of the street”. the images collide and play off each other, dancing in full cover spreads and stark black and white pages like twisted visions shared by dreamers on different planes of existence.
DEATH TRIP is ultimately a book for those not content with conventional imagemaking but at ease in shredding beyond its basic fabric into the emotional sparseness and infinite lushness we bear as human beings ruled by strange and powerful desires.”
- Shalo P on DEATH TRIP

- Shalo P on DEATH TRIP