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by Box Brown

Published by Chalk Marks

44p, b&w, 8"x11"


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"Day to day, Noah appears to lead a normal life. He works in a boring cubicle, in a boring office, surrounded by people that just ‘don’t get him’. Little do his co-workers know that Noah has been steadily preparing for Armageddon, stocking up the fully-operational bunker beneath his home. As a regular listener to extreme conspiracy theorist Dick March’s podcasts, Noah’s certain that a passing meteorite deemed “safe” by the Government will collide with Earth, creating an extinction-level event. Crazy, right?

Unfortunately for most of the population, this is the time the conspiracy believers are proven right. Thinking himself to be the lone survivor of the cosmic catastrophe, Noah emerges almost completely blasé to the fall-out and radioactive destruction around him. With barely a second thought, he settles into a new life without work, without the man, and