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Sock #2 Adult Stories and Imagery

Sock #2 Adult Stories and Imagery

by Conor Stechschulte

112p, b&w, 8.5"x11"


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A sloppy second dose of Stechschulte's stocking-stuffer smut anthology. Unhinged erotica from Matthew Thurber, Carrie Bren, Jason T Miles, Jesse McManus, Anya Davidson, Jose Luis Olivares and a slew of Closed Caption and ITDN crew members. Olivares' Ninja Turtle pizza with extra sleaze is raunchy, bouyant and the perfect punked up harnessing of crude fast, sexy linework- it's worth the price of admission alone. Same can be said for Thurber's educational drilling piece and Carrie Bren's gleeful piss fantasy manslaughter. Molly O'Connell puts that twist to it and I feel like Stachschulte and Freibert's uncomfortable sex terror comics run perfect parallel to each other here, threadlike linework writhing with monsterously female desires. Lane Milburn's page burns the brain,  Leslie Weibeler  gets weird, Andy Burkholder culls another selection of choice cuts from his piles of qviet work. Hot and throbbing, Sock fills out it's plastic sleeve nicely- worth feeling this one out for sure. -EF


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