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Sonnet Youth Goo

Sonnet Youth Goo

by Jeffrey Lewis

24p, b&w, 4"x4"


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Just as the title sprays it my friends, Sonnet Youth iambicizes the shit out of some Kim and Thurston.

Mr. Jeffrey Lewis returns and this time, he jumps past the canonical 80's output of the legendary noise rock band and careens towards the lands where David Geffen sat atop a throne, Lollapalooza dictated the alternative nation's taste and you just couldn't get enough of seeing that wiley George Bush Sr. make bad decision after painful bad decision.

On this spin of youthful sonnets, Lewis continues infusing the lyrics with poetic twist and in the case of Kool Thing, even spins a sonnet out of historical explanation:

"At times, Kim worked for SPIN as a reporter,
With nerves of steel and more class than a school day.
One week, she took her trusty tape recorder
and did and interview with LL Cool J"

I mean, c'mon! These zines are a buck. A BUCK! Singular! Buy them and put them with the records on yr shelf. Give us more, Mr. Lewis! Tackle Washing Machine next! - KS


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