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Best American Comics 2012

Best American Comics 2012

by Francoise Mouly

Published by Houghton Miflin Harcourt

360p, color, hardcover, 7"x9.5"


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This series needs to be put to bed-or maybe it's just putting me to sleep. Year after year. it's like trying to use the Billboard Top 40 to get excited about music: even if all the components are great, stringing them all together into this of "Best American Comics" sampler makes them all seem incredibly tired and stale. Françoise Mouly doesn't take many risks this installment: mostly excerpted from widely available graphic novels by tried-and-true names, this volume (like the volumes before it) reads like an unsatisfying book trailer rather than placing exciting work in a delighting context. It does however include one of Gary Panter's $15.00 eight-page minicomics, which makes up for over half of the cover price and I'm sure there's an extra ten bux worth of goodness in here as well.  -EF