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Gang Bang Bong #3

Gang Bang Bong #3

by Ines Estrada and Ginette Lapalme

72p, colors, lentricular cover, temporary tattoo inserts, totally awesome.


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International tales from the Catland Empire: Gang Bang Bong's third rip pulls out the stops, repleat with lentricular special effect cover, color centerfold, tempy tattooze and slimetime greeeen paper. The juice bar options include:  Jesse McManus, HTML Flowers, Jack Teagle, Simon Hanselmann, John Malta, P. Kyle, Fréderic Fleury, Killer Acid, Ginette Lapalme, MOU (lookin' Negron-y), Darin Shuler, Apolo Cacho, Maren Karlson (pickin up some Esther Pearl Watson vibes), a really cool-and-weird one from Talita Hoffman, Smithe, Renata Gasiorowska, Anas Awad and Inés Estrada. Now that's an anthology. -EF


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