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Laskimooses #7 Marsin Mesimailla

Laskimooses #7 Marsin Mesimailla

by Matti Hagelberg

Published by Kreegah

28p, b&w, Finnish with English translation, 6.5"x9"


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Hagelberg puts his dirty pop scratch to the grindstone. Heroic Lauri Kentta faces the wrath of the young-gun of a local Flinsto-Simpsonian cockroach family. Then while cruising for a fiance, his magillagorilla best friend gets shot and killed his horsebeast runs rampant. If not for the kind talons of pterodactyl buddy Kokko, Lauri would be up shit creek with no paddles. Plus, the brief appearance of mysterious Swamp Women. Strange but meaningful, and perfectly drawn. Honestly, why deprive yourself of this sort of beauty, adventure and drama? -EF


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