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Happiness Comix #3 Jan 13

Happiness Comix #3 Jan 13

by Leah Wishnia and ed

212p, b&w and color, 8"x10.5"


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Double Happiness. When anthologies succeed they feel like a great mix tape and they feel like this - a well-curated selection of outstanding work ordered in a meaningful way and punctuated by bursts of the unexpected. Tremendous comics work from people I'm always excited about and people I've never heard from and a full bleed plus a 36 page portfolio of abstracted modes of painting, essays and bonuses. Comics from  Zejian Shen, Inés Estrada, Sophia Foster Diminio, Danni Parelman, Abraham Diaz, White Swallows, Krystal DiFronzo, Mike Taylor, Conor Stetschulte, Sara Drake, Ian McDuffie and oodles more. If your looking for young guns, this is your first stop. -EF