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Tusen Hjartan Stark #1

Tusen Hjartan Stark #1

Published by Domino Books

24p, b&w, 16"x11" newsprint, folded in half


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Domino Books' newsprint anthology Tusen Hjartan Stark focuses on short work from 3 artists: Warren Craghead, Joanna Hellgren and E.A.Bethea and is arranged like a crossfade from pictures to words. Craghead's opening piece makes you drift through the visual field, only subtly punctuated with hints of time passing. The comics from Bethea overwhelm themselves with their written narratives, pushing and condensing the pictoral storytelling. The buffer between the two is a comic by Hellgren that is far less experimental in its formatting and in the context of the anthology strikes the balance between its bookends. A story about a cranky senior citizen who creeps around her new neighbor's apartment, Hellgren's concrete story and gentle pacing maybe remind me most of Olivier Schrauwen's approaches. All together, THS#1 seems to be making a solid statement on the comics medium's various flexibilities while at the same time presenting a nice array of work that breathes. -EF