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Zine Libs #1 and #2

Zine Libs #1 and #2

by Erick Lyle and Caroline Paquita

Published by Pegacorn Press

40p, riso color, 5.5"x8.5"


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OMG! It's totally a   (adjective)   day here at Quimby's when we get in   (number)   new zines from Pegacorn Press! This new Zine Libs combo edition is so  (-ing verb)   (adjective)   'cuz it puts the punk  (noun)  in the   (noun). The fun never   (verb ending in "s"). For fans of   (zine title),   (zine title)   or   (amazing band or underground movie)   this  new edition of Zine Libs is not to be missed! -  (initials of Quimby's employee)