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Corpuscorpus #4 Pox

Corpuscorpus #4 Pox

by Paul Nudd

24 8p minicomics wrapped in a sleeve, 2.75"x4.25"x1", numbered edition of 100


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Paul Nudd assembles a killer crew to deliver pox and pestilence comics for the latest issue of his bombastic Corpuscorpus anthology. Eight page minis from Onsmith, Joe Tallarico, John Forbes, Max Morris, Vanessa Rago, Anya Davidson, Sanya Glisic, Edie Fake, David Alvarado, Grant Reynolds, Erik Lundquist, Leslie Weibeler, Andy Burkholder, Keith Herzik, Ryan Standfest, Margaret Roberts, Nick Drnaso, Betty Heredia, Jeremy Tinder, Kevin Budnik, Anna Haifisch, Pete Clodfelter, Andy Gabrysiak, Eric Lebofsky and Jenny Cohen- WOWWOWOWOW!


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