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Henry and Glenn #3 Forever and Ever

Henry and Glenn #3 Forever and Ever

by Justin Hall, MariNaomi and Tom Neely

Published by I Will Destroy You

32p, b&w, 5.5"x7"


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Justin Hall kills it this issue, reinvigorating the strains of this Henry and Glenn enterprise that have been waning in past issues, i.e. he gets really weird and endearingly gay about it. If this series is going to continue, this is a great start to giving it new life.
I think the rest of the issue is just so-so....MariNaomi contributes a comic that makes no sense (or at least that I can make no sense of). A pharmacy "adventure" entirely too un-outrageous to be interesting to the conceit of the series. Tom Neely continues the mini-saga he's building, fully saturated with in-jokes and Popeye worship. I want to see his end of things get unchained and sloppy. I think to get to the heart of what his comic wants to be he's going to take have to take his adventure off-script and relinquish his devotion to traditional comedy timing. There's also a small pinup gallery and a one-pager from Michael DeForge. -EF