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by Frank Santoro

Published by Picturebox Inc

144p, brown ink, softcover, 8.5"x11"


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Pompeii reads exactly like a storyboard script for a film. Santoro's commitments and obsessions with classical drawing and craft don't provide distinct or striking visuals, instead they make for primarily workhorse drawings - they set the scene, they move the characters, they function efficiently and pragmatically towards servicing a well-paced historical drama. Only enough is conveyed to let you "frame the shot". Staging notes even replace traditional comic book onomatopoeia. All told, it's a clear cut approach to comics harkening back to Golden Age Hollywood. But finishing this book left me hungry in the same way classic Hollywood makes me hungry, and it made me realize maybe what I want from comics most is something closer to the intrusions of experimental film.
Ah well, when in Rome..... -EF