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by Michael Anichini and Elizabeth Chrisholm

Published by Convulsive Editions

20p, b&w, numbered edition of 125, 5.5"x6.75"


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"Michael Anichini's Calyx is a twelve-part poem that sounds a dirge for the planet, the imagination, and for language, all of which have been irrevocably singed with disaster. Calyx occupies this "painted brink/ depicting our ruin" where "an anorexic robot forages/ a plaster cast of a mammoth" and "digital marquees/ thrash us all night." Present, past and future collapse into a delerium of uncanny clarity so that "we find ourselves/ half-choked by a dream." Even so, the poem acts with nervous, valiant energy -it dances, sings, drums, builds, clenches, conjures, chops and gulps. Graphite and watercolor renderings by artist Elizabeth Chisholm illuminatesome of the "other-worldly / contours" that the poem cahnnels through its "invisible siphon.""