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by Kat Tuesday

64p, b&w, 7"x8.5"


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A young man finds his job and life in the big city has run him ragged.  He's reached his tipping point, and decides to escape for the weekend to a small, quiet, sea-side town, to just take in nature, and photograph the things that catch his eye. There he runs into Aria, a painter who loves to talk to strangers, and her protective sister, Sarah.  Soon it becomes obvious Aria sometimes looses her grasp on reality.  Sarah finds it helpful to have someone new to talk to, but soon the visitor leaves, and Sarah realizes there is no escape from that which is dragging her down.

Strong figure drawing and facial expressions are the star of Kat Tuesday's Still.  They carry a lot of the weight of the story in which one's behavior is a primary subject, and Tuesday's drawing skill is up to the challenge. The characters' expressions and body language are very precise, but not overly rendered or stiff. 

The dialogue is also very natural and the ideas presented don't shy away from being difficult or complicated.  Tuesday also provides a lot of room for the drawings to tell quiet moments in this sometimes funny, sometimes terribly intense story. -nb


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