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8 Days on the Skagit

8 Days on the Skagit

by Lauren Norby

Published by Bunkam Studios

8.5"x5.5", 24p, multi-color riso, stapled, numbered of 100 copies


Lauren Norby spent a week exploring, hiking and drawing the Skagit River, which flows through Northwest Washington, featuring a region encompassing a unique combo of nature and industry. Here's the beautiful result.


As per the publisher: 

From the Back Cover "The Skagit River flows through Northwest Washington, surrounded by North Cascades National Park. Three reservoirs and three hydroelectric dams punctuate the river’s course, shaping the landscape. The region is a unique combination of nature and industry. I spent a week here exploring, hiking and drawing." In 2018 I was the Creative Resident at the North Cascades Institute in North Cascades National Park. I got to wander in a quiet National Park, exploring trickling creeks, pouring rain, and dammed rivers. My residency lasted just a week, but I spent months processing and filtering my experience into this comic. The comic was drawn with pen and ink, but printed in red and green on a risograph printer. The short narrative explores the complexities of this ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest.