New Stuff This Week

The Black Metal Coloring Book (Feral House) $15.95 – Includes art by Quimby’s employee Corinne Halbert, as well as Gaye Black (bassist of the early British punk band The Adverts), Savage Pencil, Mike Diana, Billy Chainsaw, Jason Atomic (creator of Satanic Mojo Comics), Anthony Ausgang, Anna Piera Di Silvestre, Paul “Mutartis” Boswell, Dennis Franklin, Nico de la Mort, Andrew Labanaris, Rachael Gater, Laughing Indio and more.


How to Escape Duct Tape $1

Pathways in Education: Ashburn $5

Dine Our Survival Is Bound to Them by Katherine Smith Yinisheye $5.53

Tongues Process Zine 1 by Anders Nilsen $5

The Smudge vol 2 #7 by Clay Hickson & friends (Tan n Loose Press) $5

Flesh World #1 by Izzy Strazzabosco $2

The Rad Cat Dictionary of Fuck by Sage Liskey $6 – Fuck as a verb? A noun? Fucking educate yerself!

Zeta Reticuli Incident by Lisa Glenn Armstrong $5

Key Phrases: A Spanish Lesson from Duolingo by Adán De La Garza $10

Zine About Humans and the Environment by Andrew Harlan & friends $7

Homicide Wicker Park: 12 Homicides 2001-2016, Police Reports and Photographs by Sam Logan $15

Noice issue 010 Minimal Comic Play by Colin Czerwinski $20

Rebel City Los Angeles Spring 2018/Guide 6 by Llano Del Rio Collective $10

Comics & Minis

Future #1 & #2 by Tommi Musturi $6 each

Laskimooses #42 Kappaleiden Kokoomus by Matti Hagelberg $7

Sunlight and Honesty by Elle $13

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest #1 by Alan Moore $4.99

Fiends #4 Sum 18 by Tim Tyler $10

Concerted Efforts by Mohar Kalra $5

Migraine by Woshibai $7

Two Stories by Gantea $7

Electrocat and Lightning Dog by Bu Er Miao (Paradise Systems) $15

This is Still America #2 & #3 by George $5 each

Graphic Novels

Dork by Evan Dorkin $19.99 – Featuring most of the Dork comic run as well as the 2012 full-color House of Fun special, along with rarities, extras, a cover gallery, and a newly drawn introduction.

Shit Is Real by Aisha Franz (D+Q) $24.95 – A broken-hearted woman drifts into depression as she occupies her traveling neighbor’s apartment.

100 Demon Dialogues by Lucy Bellwood $14.99 – From overcoming self-doubt to prioritizing self-care, Bellwood and her demon embody a hilarious and relatable partnership that will resonate with people from all walks of life.

Stuff From Peow Studio Press: Dark Angels of Darkness by Al Golfa $26 + Dust Pam by Thu Tran $13.50 + Ripples: A Detectives Diary by Wai Wai Pang $16 +  Rule Break by Anna Syvertsson $12 + Stages of Rot by Linnea Sterte $26

Art, Design & Photo Books

Warrr2k / Work 2014-17 by Alexander Heir (Sacred Bones) $35 – Complete work to date of punk and metal artist Alexander Heir, expanding upon war, police brutality, political corruption, and death as his canon of punk subject matter, and this latest work brings sci-fi and psychedelia influences into the fold.

Under the Skin: Tattoo Culture and Style by Sendpoints (Gingko Press) $45 – An excellent intro to the history and craft of tattoo, featuring international cultural history, 6 major styles, 37+ artists.

The Beat Scene: Photographs by Burt Glinn by Jack Kerouac (Reel Art Pr) $39.95

The Tennis Manifesto by Warren Harris & Olena Prysiazhniuk $19.99

Politics & Revolution Books

The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists by Naomi Klein (Haymarket) $9.95

The Essential Žižek: Living in the End Times $24.95 + First As Tragedy, Then As Farce $17.95

Film & Music Books

This Is No Dream: Making Rosemary’s Baby by James Munn (Reel Art Pr) $49.95

Equipment for Living: On Poetry and Pop Music by Michael Robbins $16

Desperately Seeking Bowie by Castello-cortes (Gingko Press) $16.95

Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 by Ryan H. Walsh $27

Outer Limits & Mayhem

The Secret History of Magic: The True Story of the Deceptive Art by Peter Lamont / Jim Steinmeyer $28

Infinite Resignation by Eugene Thacker (Repeater) $17.95 – Traces the contours of pessimism, caught as it often is between a philosophical position and a bad attitude.


Reincarnation Blues: A Novel by Michael Poore $16 – The oldest soul in history falls in love with the woman who incarnates death. They follow each other in a variety of chronologies and it’s epic and compelling. Now in soft cover.

The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane: The Long Lost Rock N’ Roll Detective Stories by Rex Weiner $16.95 – From CBGBs, the Mudd Club and Tier 3 in NYC to the Starwood, Zero Zero and Cuckoo’s Nest in LA, Ford Fairlane takes you back to a sexy, violent and explosively creative time and place that live on in rock n’ roll legend, brought authentically to life in these hardboiled stories. Rex Weiner comes to Quimby’s August 25th!

Hits & Misses: Stories by Simon Rich $25 – Former SNL writer does hilarious short stories inspired by Hollywood experience.

The Cloven by Brian Catling $16.95 – Final installment in the Vorrh Trilogy.

Born to Be Weird: A Collection of Demented Fantasy & Horror by Set Sytes (Microcosm) $12.95

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh $26

Suicide Club: A Novel About Living by Rachel Heng $27

Destiny of I Am The Crossing by Julie Pacheco $19.95

Tape Op #126 $5.95
Uppercase #38 $18
The Baffler #40 $14
Harness Magazine #2 $6.99
Tom Tom Magazine #34 $10

Chap Books & Lit Journals

Abrupt Reflections by JAGQ $10

Taddle Creek #41 $6.95

Mystery and Adventure Series Review #52 by Fred Woodworth $3

Ratking Frame 00 $10

Rex Weiner Reads From Punk Rock Noir Story Collection The Adventures of Ford Fairlane 8/25

7:00 pm

Rex Weiner’s collection of punk rock noir stories titled The Adventures of Ford Fairlane originally appeared in New York Rocker magazine and L.A. Weekly in 1979 and 1980, but are collected in this book for the first time. The stories were also made into a truly terrible, but cult classic movie in 1990 with Andrew Dice Clay playing the titular Ford Fairlane.

Before the movie about a rock n’ roll detective there were Rex Weiner’s noirish stories, capturing the punk rock 1970s in New York and Los Angeles in all their gritty glory. First published in the New York Rocker and the LA Weekly in 1979- 1980, the stories became the basis for the 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Andrew Dice Clay . From CBGBs, the Mudd Club and Tier 3 in NYC to the Starwood, Zero Zero and Cuckoo’s Nest in LA, Ford Fairlane takes you back to a sexy, violent and explosively creative time and place that live on in rock n’ roll legend, brought authethically to life in these hardboiled stories.

Rex Weiner’s screenwriting credits include The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, based on his original stories, directed by Renny Harlin and starring Andrew Dice Clay for 20th Century Fox. As one of the first writers brought on board to launch the TV series Miami Vice, Weiner wrote the now classic 9th episode, “Glades.” As a journalist, Weiner’s articles have appeared in Vanity Fair, The Paris Review, The New Yorker, LA Weekly, L’Officiel Hommes, and Rolling Stone Italia. “Lost & Found,” his column about Hollywood entertainment history, appeared weekly in Variety where was a staff reporter. He is one of the founding editors of High Times Magazine and former editor of Swank (“The Magazine For Men”). He is also the co-author of The Woodstock Census (Viking), one of the key texts analyzing the impact of the Sixties Generation on American society. A native New Yorker, Mr. Weiner lives in Los Angeles and in Baja California Sur, Mexico, where he is co-owner of Casa Dracula, a 160-year old hacienda in the historic pueblo magico of Todos Santos.

Sat, August 25th, 7pm, Free Event

The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane: The Long Lost Rock N’ Roll Detective Stories
by Rex Weiner
9781945572807 | US $16.95 | 5 X 8 IN. | 176 PP. VIREO/RARE BIRD

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Christopher Schreck and Casey Hudetz Preview Art Damaged 8/11

7:00 pm

In their forthcoming book Art Damaged, Christopher Schreck and Casey Hudetz offer a sweeping study of the methods and motivations behind acts of art vandalism. Combining in-depth analysis with dynamic imagery, Art Damaged guides readers through stories of exhibited artworks being damaged, defaced, dismembered, and destroyed for reasons ranging from the political to the personal, from artistic expression to pure accident.

For their talk at Quimby’s, Schreck and Hudetz will recount a choice selection of incidents, using witness accounts, forensic photographs, and surveillance footage to depict a series of events whose varied, often sensational circumstances suggest a larger underlying narrative regarding art’s position in modern society.

Christopher Schreck is a writer and editor whose work has been featured in such publications as Aperture, Cura, Kaleidoscope, Mousse, Office, and Sex. He has served as an editor at Kaleidoscope magazine since 2013. After years spent teaching, writing, producing short films and traveling the world, Casey Hudetz has decided to pursue a career in user experience design. His love of history, art, and well-told stories drew him to writing this book which will be released in 2019.

For more info, visit

Facebook Event Invite for this event.

Sat, Aug 11th, 7pm. Free Event.

Nate Powell Discusses Come Again on 8/9

7:00 pm

Nate Powell’s new graphic novel Come Again (Top Shelf) is a demon-filled 1970’s Ozark fairy tale, following two families pursuing elusive dreams in their dried-up hippie community. Under impossibly close scrutiny they carve out space for their secrets, while deep within the hills something monstrous stirs, ready to feast on village whispers. Come Again explores questions of changing ideals, privacy, love, parenthood, and the horror of casualness in the face of crisis. Powell will deliver a multimedia presentation exploring the book’s themes, influences, and creative development, followed by audience questions and a book signing.

“With his work on Swallow Me Whole and March, Nate established himself as one of the premier talents in comics, but Come Again is his finest work yet. Profoundly moving, intimate, and haunting, this book will resonate with you for a long, long time.” – Jeff Lemire

In 2016, Nate Powell became the first cartoonist ever to win the National Book Award for his work on the March trilogy, chronicling civil rights icon John Lewis’ experiences in the movement. His work includes Eisner Award-winning Swallow Me Whole, Any Empire, You Don’t Say, The Silence Of Our Friends, and Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero. He has discussed his work at the United Nations, on The Rachel Maddow Show and CNN.

For more info:

Thurs, August 9th, 7pm – Free Event

Here’s the Facebook invite for this event.

New Stuff This Week

Dark Tourism by Rebecca Bathory (Carpet Bombing Culture) $45 – Photo collection of places associated with death and tragedy around the world. Creepily compelling.


Lazy Diana #4 A Punk Pagan Zine by Kelci Crawford $3

Professional Amateur Business Cards by Paul Shortt $5

Fixer Eraser #5 by Jonas $3

What Problems Can Artist Publishers Solve? by Marc Fischer $6

Library Excavations #9 Chicago’s Filed Artists $6

Mura Press #1 $10

Proof I Exist #28 by Billy McCall $2

Black Bean Zine #2 $5

Rumors and Hope by Aaron Krach $6

Inktober 16 by Nicolette Baltad $3


Splendid Eye by Kera Ling $8

The Kurdles Adventure Magazine #1 $10 – All ages/kids mag from Fantagraphics! This issue: Robert Goodin, Cathy Malkasian & more!

I Spy by Alli Katz $6

New Wave Comics Presents #4-#6 $1.50 each

Lemmy #1-#4 by Sam Logan $1 each

Graphic Novels

Little Stranger by Edie Fake (Secret Acres) $21.95 – Have you ever gotten turned on while stuffing a turkey? Get a Little Stranger!

In the Future We are Dead by Eva Müller (Birdcage Bottom Books) $15

Politics & Revolution

Artivism by Poch Arcadi / Daniela Poch (Carpet Bombing Culture) $34.95 – Art as the megaphone of the unfairness.

How the World Swung to the Right: Fifty Years of Counterrevolutions by Francois Cusset (Semiotexte) $14.95

Sex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century by Geoffrey R. Stone $21.95

Political Suicide: Missteps, Peccadilloes, Bad Calls, Backroom Hijinx, Sordid Pasts, Rotten Breaks, and Just Plain Dumb Mistakes in the Annals of American Politics by Erin McHugh $15.95

D.I.Y. Resistance: 36 Ways to Fight Back! by Anthony Alvarado $14.95 – Shares the successful actions people’s movements use to defeat tyrants, including defending free speech, looking after the community, fighting racism and misogyny, organizing, protesting, networking, and publishing.

Women and the American Labor Movement: From the First Trade Unions to the Present by Philip S. Foner (Haymarket) $25

Outer Limits

The Leopold and Loeb Files: An Intimate Look at One of America’s Most Infamous Crimes by Nina Barrett $35 – A history of Chicago’s infamous 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case, told chiefly through a rare collection of carefully arranged primary source material, including confessions, court transcripts, psychological reports, evidence photos, and more.

Music Books

What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography by Bruce Dickinson $17.99 – From Iron Maiden lead singer. Details include: schoolboy misbehaviour, handbanging injuries, becoming a pilot. What you want in a rock’n’roll memoir minus the drugs (except for the beer).

Mods: A Way of Life by Patrick Potter (Carpet Bombing Culture) $24.95


Paleo for Unicorns by Amy Subach (Microcosm) $14.95 – Eat the patriarchy!


Comemadre by Roque Larraquy (Coffee House Press) $16.95 – Full of vulgarity, excess, and discomfort: strange ants that form almost perfect circles, missing body parts, obsessive love affairs, and man-eating plants. Darkly funny, smart, and engrossing.


The Internationalist #52 $1

Lit Journals

Sinister Wisdom Multicultural Lesbian Lit & Art Journal #109 $14


Meat #27 $14

Elska #18 Los Angeles $18.50