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We’ll Never Have Paris #19 2022 Ever Given, True Stories $7

Going Inside by Nora Catlin $5

Art Reimagined: An Augmented Reality Art Book by Downtown 500 $25

Zines by H Jones: No Roe? $4, Just Do It $1

Happy Tapir: Was Ozzy Once, Met Ozzy Twice by Johnny Masiulewicz $5

Zines by Sorin S: Technicolor Animalia $6, Backyard Butterflies, Supporting Monarch Butterflies in Urban Environments $4

Sketchbook Dump vol 1 by Kapka $15

Popular Pandemics Fall 2028 Salute to Organized Labor $10

Creepy Creatures by Clive and Iona $3

zines by Johnny Gamber, $5 each: Pencil Revolution #27 + #28, Pen Post #8 + #9

Comics & Minis

Tongues Chapter 5 by Anders Nilsen $18

Technicolor by Kelly Wang $20

Comics by Kevin Huizenga: F Comic #3 $8, F 2020 Comics Bundle Issues #1-#3 $18

Comics by Dante Lumsden: Curses $12, Brought To You by Dante Lumsden $7

Comics by Gabrielle Hughley: Patisserie Princess $10, Spellbound $5

Fun to Funky #2 & #3 by Murphy and Rovnak $3 each

World by Brooke Lord $15

Eyeland #2-#4 by Nick Forker $5 each

Superhero Comic Book various issues by Ina

Graphic Novels

The Green Hand and Other Stories by Nicole Claveloux $22.95

The Comics Journal #308 Win Spr 2022


Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies by Jason Miller $18.95

Music & Film Books

Seeing Sideways: A Memoir of Music and Motherhood by Kristin Hersh $27.95

Sofia Coppola: Forever Young by Hannah Strong $45


Brace for Impact: A Memoir by Gabe Montesanti $27

Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative by Melissa Febos $16.95


The Baffler #63 $14

Mother Jones june $8.99

Empire may $11.75

Other Stuff

Tattoo Playing Cards by Munden $14.99

New Stuff This Week


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Sad Girl Riot #7 $2.50

Skurt Cobain #4 Apr 22 A Zine About the 90s by Jolie Ruin $2

zines by Martin Sammy Gardea, $5 each: Message Delivered vol 4, Ups and Downs of an Elevator Operator (with Jamie Condon)


The Collected Prairie Pothole by John Porcellino (Uncivilized) $6

Crickets Colour Special #1 Blood of the Virgin MMXX1 2021 by Sammy Harkham $14

I Hate My Phone by Isabel Steffes $10

Safe Hands by Liam Owings $10

Hypermutt #3 by Max Huffman $4

New Comics by BluRaven C. Houvener, $3 each: Jake the Covid Years 2020-2021, Jake a World of Musicians & more.

Simon and Marie $12

Sheeted Dead vol 1 Extended Version by Michelle Spadafore $7

Graphic Novels

Peanutbutter Sisters and Other Stories by Rumi Hara $24.95

Shelterbelts by Jonathan Dyck (Conundrum) $20

The Nib Magazine #11 Food $14.95

MOAB by Mara Ramirez $24.99

Hive the Coronation by Miles MacDiarmid $24.99 (and Deleted Scenes $10)

Freak Comix #10 $24.99

Oboy Comics by Shaheen Beardsley $24.99

Politics & Revolution

Community as Rebellion: A Syllabus for Surviving Academia as a Woman of Color by Lorgia García Peña (Haymarket) $15.95

Music Books

The Clash: All the Albums All the Songs by Martin Popoff $39.95


Scorcher Forces of Nature #1 by Kelly Edwards $12

Rise of Daybreak vol 2 The Rise of Midnight Series by Sara A. Freites $16.99


Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future by Jessica Robinson $15.95

50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild by Clare Gogerty $17.95

Plant Spirit Medicine: A Guide to Making Healing Products From Nature by Nicola McIntosh $22.95

From Earth: Create Your Own Natural Apothecary by Charlotte Rasmussen $22.95

Spiritual Herbalism: The Magic and Medicine of the Plants by Josh Williams $29.95

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Mental and Physical Self-Defense by Amy Blackthorn (Weiser) $16.95

The Grind Culture Detox: Heal Yourself from the Poisonous Intersection of Racism, Capitalism, and the Need to Produce by Heather Archer (Hierophant Publishing) $18.99

Witch, Please: Empowerment and Enlightenment for the Modern Mystic by Victoria Maxwell $18.95


Wanting You to Want Me: Stories from the Secret World of Strip Clubs by Bronwen Parker Rhodes and Emily Dinsdale $24.99

Mayhem & Outer Limits

The Alchemist’s Handbook by Frater Albertus $18.95

The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi: Exploring the Microscopic World in Our Forests, Homes, and Bodies by Keith Seifert $27.95

Magic: An Occult Primer: 50 Year Anniversary Edition by David Conway $24.95


Shots #155 spring $10

In These Times May 22 $4.95

Monocle #153 may $14

The Monthly Review april $6

AnOther Magazine vol #42 $22.75

Behavioral Scientist issues #1 & #2 $20-$24.99

Poetry & Chap Books

Another Nothing Message by James Chongo “Nicodemus” Houvener $4

Small Talk – Conversation Starters from an Expert at Small Talk by Grace Ann Maxwell $8

For the Young at Heart

Humans and Animals: What We Have in Common by Pavla Hanackova & illustrated by Dasha Lebesheva $16.95

Other Stuff

Do It To Death Patch $5

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New Stuff This Week


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Ker-Bloom #155 Mar Apr 2022 $2

Chickfactor #19 $15

2 issues of Smash the Skatriarchy by Amelia Bjesse Puffin $6.95 each: #2 Sweden, #3 BIPOC Skaters

Secret Self by Elisa $3

De Sorore Mystica by Brian Cotnoir $10

Stone Fruit #5 Epistles $12


Doing Easy by Shea Cahill $7

Clusterfux Comix #4 by Cameron Hatheaway and Drew B. Hall $10


The Stranger Beside Me: The Shocking Inside Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy by Ann Rule $19.95

More Stuff from The British Library Tales of the Weird Series $15.95-$16.95
Phantom Lover and Other Dark Tales by Vernon Lee edited by Mike Ashley
Weird Woods Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain edited by John Miller
Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes
The Philosophy of Whisky by Billy Abbott

Music Books

Kraftwerk’s Computer World (33 1/3 vol 63) by Steve Tupai Francis $14.95


We Play Ourselves by Jen Silverman $17

Stuff From GenderFail:
GenderFail Reader 1-3 by Be Oakley and Noah LeBien 2021 $20
Radical Accountability Radical Transparency Radical Action 2022 by Be Oakley $12
GenderFail Two Anthologies on Failure 2022 edited by Be Oakley $22
First 100 Google Image Search Results of TWINK by Be Oakley 2014 $18
GenderFail Anthology of Queer Typography vol 1 2022 edited by Be Oakley with Paul Soulellis
Empathic Intimacies A Touch That You Can Really Feelllll April 2022 $20


Afterall Journal #52 $15

Document Journal #18 winter $25

Heavy Metal #316 $13.99

Cinema Scope #90 $5.95

Skeptical Inquirer vol 46 #3 $5.99

ID Magazine #367 spring $18.50

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Granta #159 $19.99

Soft Mouth by MAP $8


Elska #37 Bern Switzerland $20