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Gemini Rising #3 by Angel xoxo $7

East Village Inky #70 The Animal Issue by Ayun Halliday $3

SmittenKittenTX #1 Handmade Weirdness By An Over Caffeinated Vegan $5

Raging Opossum Press #1 $10

Thick Press stuff:
Things We Learned From Organizing Pods: A Conversation on Mutual Aid by Mark Anthony Hernandez Motaghy $5
Conversation About Death Penalty, Abolition and Social Practice by Erin Segal and friends $2
and more.

Peng 33 #3-#5 $10 each

Parachutist by Joe Fletcher $10

I’m Not I’m Not I’m Not A Baby by Dev Murphy $12


666 #3 Money – A Horror Anthology $10

Blvd At a Time of Day by Tori Holder $5

Yokai Tha Menace $4

Graphic Novels

Search and Destroy Vol. 1 by Atsushi Kaneko & Osamu Tezuka (Fantagraphics) $14.99

Freedom Shall Prevail: The Struggle of Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish People by Sean Michael Wilson & illustrated by Keko (PM Press) $19.95

Politics & Revolution Books

The Women of NOW: How Feminists Built an Organization That Transformed America by Katherine Turk $22

War with Myself: Essays on Design, Culture & Violence by Ian Lynam $20

Insurgent Labor: The Vermont AFL-CIO 2017–2023 by David Van Deusen (PM Press) $19.95

The Bluestockings: A History of the First Women’s Movement by Susannah Gibson $29.99

The Awakening of Latin America by Ernesto Che Guevara $24.95


Elska #47 Munich Germany vols 1 & 2 $20 each

Local Interest

Midwest Shreds: Skating through America’s Heartland by Mandy Shunnarah (Belt Publishing) $24

Chap Books

If You Need It by Edie Roberts $12

I Regularly Practice Holding My Breath by Talia Gordon $15

Zero by Tyler Little $15

Comfort Event by Todd Colby and Joanna Penn Cooper $10

New Stuff This Week


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The livestream was super janky today! We had to restart it and the buzzing was insane! Next week we’ve got a fancier device to film on. ENJOY.


Double Star by Echo the Human $5

Wandering Days: Belle and Sebastian and Me, 1996-2024 by Mike Appelstein $5

Walk Off Hot Issue 6 by Charly Fasano $6

The Wonder of It All #13 $3

KerBloom #168 $2


Who Ate My Pudding by Gaocanyue Zhu $8

New Wave Comics Presents issues #24 & #25 by David Soileau and Reginald Wayne Soileau $2 each

Scumburbia Mega-Sized Mall Issue by Sam Grinberg $15

Katydid Funeral by Samantha Wilson $6

Comics by by Cameron Hatheway, $5 each: Farrago Sketchbook Comics #1, Ultrafugu vs Mothugu

Comics by Muchen Wang: Hot Dog $10, Smoothie $3 & more.

Comics by S. Maloney: 2 issues of Queer Ecology, $10 each: Earthworms, Kobudai Fish

Grixly issues #65 & #66 by Nate McDonough $3 each

Unpunctual Submission of Thee Imperial Egg by Trevor Adams amd Nate McDonough $1

Graphic Novels

Parasyte Full Color Collection 7 by Hitoshi Iwaaki $19.99

Essay Books

Pieces of a Girl by Stephanie Kuehnert $17.99

Mayhem & Outer Limits

On Alchemy: Essential Practices and Making Art as Alchemy by Brian Cotnoir (Watkins) $16.95

Jude’s Seasonal Herbal Remedies: Recipes for Natural Healing by Jude Todd & Carly Wall $16.99

Vodou, Voodoo, and Hoodoo: Explore the Evolution of Caribbean Magic by Sebastien de la Croix & Diamantino Fernandez Trindade $16.99

Mastering the Art of Witchcraft: Building a Practical Foundation by Frater Barrabbas & illustrated by Keith Ward (Crossed Crow Books) $21.95


Pink Slime: A Novel by Fernanda Trías $24

Slow Boat by Hideo Furukawa $15.95

Drainman by RW Spryszak $11.25

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Rotten Teeth Candy Heart by Halliday Carpender $5

The First Line vol 26 #2 $6


Uppercase Magazine #62 $24

Cut Me Up #13 $18

Plus!: Notebooks Galek Sea! Stickers and patches new and restocks by Adam JK, Papio Press & Chris Adams! And more!

PeePee PooPoo Release Party, Aug 23rd

7:30 pm

Four issues into the series and we finally get PeePee PooPoo #1! Was it time travel, or a marketing move? The world may never know! In this issue: Caroline discovers a fresh start is surprisingly hard to make in “Ah, Philly.” Romance blossoms in “First Date,” a classic Alison Bechdel comic gets an update in “Femme and Butch,” and a night out turns complicated in “Stoned Again.” Caroline Cash’s gay, modern take on the ‘60s underground comic continues to make readers say “hell yeah.”

Join us in store at Quimby’s on Fri, August 23rd at 7:30pm with readings by Caroline Cash, Gina Wynbrant, and Bonnie Guerra!

Caroline Cash (above) is a cartoonist who used to live in Chicago. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, VICE, The Nib, The Chicago Reader, and various other publications. She is currently working on her award winning series PeePeePooPoo. She is a Capricorn. @cash_browns

Gina Wynbrandt is an artist living in Chicago. Her work has been featured in The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, printed in The Best American Comics, nominated for two Ignatz awards, and translated into Danish, Norwegian, and Spanish. Find here at

Bonnie Guerra is a Chicago cartoonist who sells bumper stickers that say “My puppy girl can beat up your honor student.”

Want the Facebook event invite cuz yr just the kind of person? It’s here.

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