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Skeletor’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays (Eternia Press) $6.66

Faith G. Harper how-to zines, $5.95 each: Unfuck Your Mindfulness & Meditation: Exercises to Calm Your Body, Mind, and Vagus Nerve $5.95 (also one about breathing and stress), and also somehow Unfuck Your Bread: Gluten-free, Paleo, and Keto Recipes for People Who Miss Bread

Phantom Pie Maker, From the Story Collection Haunted Junk Drawer by Eric Bartholomew $2

Comics & Minis

Punkins Imagination by Turtel Onli $3

Graphic Novels

Brian Blomerth’s Mycelium Wassonii $32

Weeding by Genevieve Lebleu $18

Man In Furs: From Divine Punishment to Punishment Divine by Catherine Sauvat and Anne Simon (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory by Evan Dorkin, Ben Dewey & friends $24.99

Art Kinda Maybe Sorta Fashion

Murakami T: The T-Shirts I Love by Haruki Murakami $25

Politics & Revolution

The Art of Activism: Your All-Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible by Stephen Duncombe & Steve Lambert $24.95

Free Speech Handbook: A Practical Framework for Understanding Our Free Speech Protections by Ian Rosenberg & illustrated by Mike Cavallaro $28.99


Radical Sewing: Pattern-Free, Sustainable Fashions for All Bodies by Kate Weiss (Microcosm) $14.95

The Herb Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to Medicinal Plants by the Chelsea Physic Garden and Holly Farrell $15.95


King of the Blues: The Rise and Reign of B.B. King by Daniel de Vise $30


People From My Neighborhood by Hiromi Kawakami $15.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica edited by Jessica Hundley (Taschen) $40


A Modern Man: The Best of George Carlin $17.99


Penal Theories and Institutions: Lectures at the Collège de France 1971-1972 by Michel Foucault, edited by Bernard E. Harcourt $20

Essays Two by Lydia Davis $35


Monocle #148 november $14

Dazed and Confused vol 5 #273 fall $13.20

In These Times december $4.95

Frankie #103 $17.99

Adbusters #158 vol 29 #6 november december $14.95

Gentlewoman #24 fall winter $17.99

Heavy Metal #311 $13.99

Plus: More stickers!


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Yes We Have Gift Certificates! And Holiday Hours!

IN A VARIETY OF AMOUNTS! Mix and match quantities to get the amount you want. CLICK HERE TO BUY THEM!


Please note!

Quimby’s will be closed Sat, Dec 25th & Sat, Jan 1st.

Hours of Operation:

Thurs through Mondays noon-6pm

closed Tues + Wed



New Stuff This Week


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Chris Ware Building Stories Jigsaw Puzzle by Presspop $50

McSweeneys #64 The Audio Issue $32


Multiple issues of Queer Sailors Zines Presents by Kel R Karpinski $7

Radical Left Chapbook Series #1: Testimony of Abbie Hoffman (Touchdown Press) $13

Cuevas Illustration and Photography #2 by David Alvarado $15

Uncollected Thoughts by Dan Gleason $3

Comics & Minis

No One Comes to the Lake Anymore by Charles Forsman $6

Plaguers Int’l by Max Huffman $8

new issues of OBL V OUS

Graphic Novels

Rabbit Game by Miyoshi (Domino Books) $12

Swan Song by Sonja Ahlers (Conundrum) $20

It Took Luke by Mark Bouchard and Bayleigh Underwood $20

American Comics: A History by Jeremy Dauber $35

When I Grow Up: The Lost Autobiographies of Six Yiddish Teenagers by Ken Krimstein $28

Robert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 6. 1998–2011 edited by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $40

Welcome to the Village: The Transformative Journey of a Three-Time Peace Corps Volunteer Across Africa by Vanessa Zucker $10.99

Queer As All Get Out: 10 People Who’ve Inspired Me by Shelby Criswell (Street Noise Books) $18.99

Twelve Sisters of the Never Ending Castle by Shintaro Kago (Hollow Press) $35

Manifester Monsters by Mat Brinkman (Hollow Press) $25

Methods of Dyeing by B. Mure (Avery Hill) $12.95

Sour Pickles by Clio Isadora (Avery Hill) $15.95

Jinx Freeze by Hurk (Avery Hill) $16.95

Art & Design Books

Black Artists Shaping the World by Sharna Jackson $19.95

Toys. 100 Years of All-American Toy Ads by Jim Heimann and Steven Heller $40

Politics & Revolution

The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition by William C. Anderson (AK Press) $15


The Everybody Ensemble: Donkeys, Essays, and Other Pandemoniums by Amy Leach $26

Wild Minds: The Artists and Rivalries That Inspired the Golden Age of Animation by Reid Mitenbuler $18

Music Books

Shut Up You Animals!!! The Pope is Dead. A Remembrance of Dirk Dirksen: A History of the Mabuhay Gardens by Dirk Dirksen & friends (Last Gasp) $17.95

Maria Callas’s Lyric and Coloratura Arias by Ginger Dellenbaugh (33 1/3 series) $14.95

GREBO!: The Loud & Lousy Story of Gaye Bykers On Acid and Crazyhead by Rich Deakin (Headpress) $25.95


The Plant Clinic by Erin Lovell Verinder $29.95

Outer Limits

Astrology. The Library of Esoterica by Andrea Richards & Susan Miller (Taschen) $40

Geomancy: Earth Grids, Ley Lines, Feng Shui, Divination, Dowsing, & Dragons $24.95


Crap Divination: The Dark Art of Reading Dark Marks: How to Interpret Toilet Runes by Dingleberry Marx $8.99

Film & Music Books

Gus Van Sant: The Art of Making Movies by Katya Tylevich $25

Woody Guthrie: Songs and Art * Words and Wisdom by Nora Guthrie & Robert Santelli $40

Carpenters: The Musical Legacy by Michael Cidoni Lennox & friends $35


People Want to Live by Farah Ali (McSweeney’s) $24

Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky $9.99

Nightmare Alley by William Lindsay Gresham $17.95

Jack Ruby and the Origins of Avant Garde in Dallas by Robert Trammell (Deep Vellum) $16.95

For the Young at Heart

The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers: And Other Gruesome Tales by Jen Campbell & illustrated by Adam de Souza $19.95

Art Is Everywhere: A Book About Andy Warhol by Jeff Mack $19.99

Grandpa’s Farm by James Flora (Feral House) $17.95


Tape Op #146 dec jan $5.99

The Baffler #60 nov dec $14

Chap Books & Poetry

Simultaneous Revolutions Poems by Marcus Colasurdo and GH Mosson (PM Press) $5.95

Sleeper by Paul Joseph Ryan $8

Other Stuff

Andy Warhol Banana Stress Reliever $8.99

New Stuff This Week


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Quimby’s Air Freshener by Plastic Crimewave $5.99


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Dame Darcy 2022 Meat Cake Calendar  $15


Midwest Perzine Fest Presents What’s a Perzyne? A Retrospective by Jonas & Cynthia Hanifin $1

Words and Smiles #4 by Don Unger $3

zines by John Bolin: Photos $12, More Than Five Drawings $8

Pencil of the Week #12 $3

Body Condition by Brian Uhl $23

Urban Guerrilla Zine #25 $10

RPG guide zines by Colt Hack, $5 each: Fights of Flight Bird, Omega Scale Threat Godzilla

It’s All Out in the City: A Photo Zine by Archer Daigle $5

Comics & Minis

comics by Fox Graham: Lucky Jay #2 $8, Lucky Edwin #1 $6, Messenger #1 $1.50

Poor Little Ghosts by Davidt Dunlop $8

Buny by Ben Cherry $6

Doom Skull #3 by Dane Georges $5

Lone Roller by Philip Twigg $6.99

Cats by Felix $1

Graphic Novels

Red Flowers by Yoshiharu Tsuge (D+Q) $24.95

Tunnels by Rutu Modan $29.95

Nib Magazine #10 Nature $14.95 – With a piece by Caroline Cash!

Robert Crumb. Sketchbook Vol. 5. 1989–1998 edited by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $40

Graphic Novels & Comics from Rotopol: Mellom Collection #1 by Rita Furstenau $5, To Be a Brave Scout by Julia Kluge $13, Pimo and Rex books by Thomas Wellmann, Hearsay by Lea Heinrich $12, It Had to Be You by Nick Edwards $12, It’s an Unhappy Day For Many Reasons by Kirsten Carina Geiber $10, In Winter by Rita Furstenau $12

Politics & Revolution

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho $18.99

Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil W.E.B. Du Bois $19.95

An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States by Kyle T. Mays $27.95


Death Never Dies: Mourning 2020 Through the Lives and Deaths of Public Figures by Lee Fearnside $24.99

Generations: A Memoir by Lucille Clifton $14.95

Dante In the Desert by Anthony Walent $20


The Plague by Albert Camus $26 – The first new translation of The Plague to be published in the United States in more than seventy years.

Wheatyard by Peter Anderson $8

Music Books

Nobody Ever Asked Me About the Girls: Women Music and Fame by Lisa Robinson $17

33 1/3 series: John Prine’s John Prine by Erin Osmon $14.95


Drift vol 11 Los Angeles $24

Mojo #336 november $13.99

Skeptical Inquirer vol 45 #6 november / december $5.99

Raw Vision #108 fall $16

Other Stuff:

Tarot Original 1909 Circular Deck $29.95

No Masters, No Bedtimes You’re Not the Boss of Me Sticker $2

New Stuff This Week


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Hey! We got in a whole awesome mess of gifty shit from Band of Weirdos and World Famous Original.


Horse Corn #5 by Kate Parnell & friends $15

Bite Around the Bruise by Keith Herzik $10

Spunk #13 + $14 $12 each

Forgotten Rides, The Fanzine by Adel Souto $8

Comics & Minis

Futile #8 by Mike Centeno $8

Comics from Floating World: Unsmooth vol 2 by ES Glenn $15, Hyperthick #1 Eternity My Favorite by Steve Aylett $5.99, Night Hunters #4 by Dave Baker and Alexis Ziritt $4.99

Mint by Michael D. Kennedy $7

Hollow Press stuff: They Live In Me UDWFG Presents Jesse Jacobs $22, Dimensional Flats by Tetsunori Tawaraya $17, Day of the Flying Head by Shintaro Kago $27, Life of Namazuko by Daisuke Ichiba $27, Princess of the Neverending Castle by Shintaro Kago $37

Being John Arbuckle #8 by Gobonussaves $6

Graphic Novels

Upgrade Soul: Collector Edition by Ezra Clayton Daniels $29.99

Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu Collector’s Edition Hardcover $24.99

Red Room: The Antisocial Network by Ed Pisko (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Ex Libris: A Comic by Matt Madden (Uncivilized) $29.95

No One Else by R. Kikuo Johnson (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Nib Magazine #9 Secrets $14.95

I Will Not Die Alone by Dera White, illustrated by Joe Bennett $19.99

Politics & Revolution

How to Philosophize with a Hammer and Sickle by Jonas Ceika $14.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits

American Serial Killers: The Deadliest Years 1950-2000 $18

The K’Rla Cell and the Secret Key to Liber Al by Jeffrey D Evans and Peter Levenda (Ibis Press) $40

Becoming Dangerous: Witchy Femmes, Queer Conjurers, and Magical Rebels on Summoning the Power to Resist, edited by Katie West and Jasmine Elliott $16.95

Acephale: Religion, Sociology, Philosophy by Georges Bataille & friends $17

Hoodoo Justice Magic: Spells for Power, Protection and Righteous Vindication by Miss Aida $18.95


Tacky: Love Letters to the Worst Culture We Have to Offer by Rax King $15.95


Cursed: An Anthology edited by Angela Slatter $8.99

Food Books

Reclaiming Food: Core Recipes and Cooking Skills for Reclaiming Your Food Security by Emma Kathryn $14


Super Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 Fresh as Fuck Designs by Julie Jackson $16.95

Music Books

Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius by Harry Freedman $28


Skate Trivia Volume One $19.95


Wire #452 oct $12.50

Harpers Magazine nov $7.99

ID Magazine #364 Fall $18.50

Document Journal #18 $25

Poetry, Chap Books & Lit Journals

There Are Trans People Here by H Melt (Haymarket) $16

Oh Well by Reid Cohen $6

Bridge vol 20 #1 $25

Flowers and Animals Are the Only Things Worth Noticing, Poems and Drawings by Tom Orr $5