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Sick Of It vol 1 #1 A Disability Inside/Outside Project by Matilda Sabal $3

Moon Zine by Heather Anacker $6.66

Sequoia by Tristan Martinez $20

Comics & Minis

Things by Madeleine Aguilar $10: Lute Boy in Time, Cute Boy How About the Weather, Portraits of Archer, etc.

Faceless Nameless by Ben Cherry $5

Rimeski Comics #13 January 2021 edited by Lucius Wisniewski $3

Book of Rhymes by Blu Voelker $3

Rebel Rabble 1 by Flo Pizzarello $3

Graphic Novels

Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media - Updated Edition by Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld $16.95

Art Books

Field Guide to Animal Adaptations by Oscar Hey Fearnside & friends $19.99


Agency by William Gibson $17

Outer Limits

Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches: Rituals, Meditations, and Magical Tools by Ellen Cannon Reed $18.95

Chap Books

Small Talk by KJ Kuhns $4

Multiple "Drunks" chap book mini-comics by David Hankins $.75


Gentlewoman #22 Fall / Winter 2021 $17.99

Tape Op #141 February March 2021 $5.99

Uppercase #48 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18

Wire #443 January 2021 $12.50

Shots #150 Winter 2021 $10

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Zine Club Chicago Online: Zine Crushes Edition, Feb 23rd

Zine Club Chicago Online: Zine Crushes Edition 7:30 p.m. CT Tues, February 23rd on Zoom Free! In this month dedicated to passion in its many-splendored incarnations, we’re celebrating our zine crushes! If your heart beats faster for the work of a particular zinemaker, publisher, or collaborative, we want to hear about it. That swell of platonic admiration when you spot a new publication from your forever fave is one of the greatest thrills of belonging to the zine community. Grab the …

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