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The livestream was super janky today! We had to restart it and the buzzing was insane! Next week we've got a fancier device to film on. ENJOY.


Double Star by Echo the Human $5

Wandering Days: Belle and Sebastian and Me, 1996-2024 by Mike Appelstein $5

Walk Off Hot Issue 6 by Charly Fasano $6

The Wonder of It All #13 $3

KerBloom #168 $2


Who Ate My Pudding by Gaocanyue Zhu $8

New Wave Comics Presents issues #24 & #25 by David Soileau and Reginald Wayne Soileau $2 each

Scumburbia Mega-Sized Mall Issue by Sam Grinberg $15

Katydid Funeral by Samantha Wilson $6

Comics by by Cameron Hatheway, $5 each: Farrago Sketchbook Comics #1, Ultrafugu vs Mothugu

Comics by Muchen Wang: Hot Dog $10, Smoothie $3 & more.

Comics by S. Maloney: 2 issues of Queer Ecology, $10 each: Earthworms, Kobudai Fish

Grixly issues #65 & #66 by Nate McDonough $3 each

Unpunctual Submission of Thee Imperial Egg by Trevor Adams amd Nate McDonough $1

Graphic Novels

Parasyte Full Color Collection 7 by Hitoshi Iwaaki $19.99

Essay Books

Pieces of a Girl by Stephanie Kuehnert $17.99

Mayhem & Outer Limits

On Alchemy: Essential Practices and Making Art as Alchemy by Brian Cotnoir (Watkins) $16.95

Jude's Seasonal Herbal Remedies: Recipes for Natural Healing by Jude Todd & Carly Wall $16.99

Vodou, Voodoo, and Hoodoo: Explore the Evolution of Caribbean Magic by Sebastien de la Croix & Diamantino Fernandez Trindade $16.99

Mastering the Art of Witchcraft: Building a Practical Foundation by Frater Barrabbas & illustrated by Keith Ward (Crossed Crow Books) $21.95


Pink Slime: A Novel by Fernanda Trías $24

Slow Boat by Hideo Furukawa $15.95

Drainman by RW Spryszak $11.25

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Rotten Teeth Candy Heart by Halliday Carpender $5

The First Line vol 26 #2 $6


Uppercase Magazine #62 $24

Cut Me Up #13 $18

Plus!: Notebooks Galek Sea! Stickers and patches new and restocks by Adam JK, Papio Press & Chris Adams! And more!

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PeePee PooPoo Release Party, Aug 23rd

Four issues into the series and we finally get PeePee PooPoo #1! Was it time travel, or a marketing move? The world may never know! In this issue: Caroline discovers a fresh start is surprisingly hard to make in “Ah, Philly.” Romance blossoms in “First Date,” a classic Alison Bechdel comic gets an update in “Femme and Butch,” and a night out turns complicated in “Stoned Again.” Caroline Cash's gay, modern take on the ‘60s underground comic continues to make readers say …

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