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Come talk comics with D+Q! 5 weeks of virtual events with your fave Drawn and Quarterly authors and authors! RSVP at to get the links to attend.

Brecht Evens (The City of Belgium) with D+Q Exec. Ed. Tom Devlin, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim (The Waiting) with Alexander Chee (How to Write an Autobiographical Novel), Philippe Girard (Leonard Cohen: On a Wire) with Joe Ollmann (Fictional Father), Mirion Malle (This Is How I Disappear) with Sophie Yanow (The Contradictions), and Rutu Modan (Tunnels) with Jason Lutes (Berlin).

Limited edition signed bookplates will be available as we get the books, and we'll post the links in our webstore at


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  Air fresheners by Rubbish Rubbish $5.99 each: Coffee Demon, Whatevs 4 Evs No live stream this week! See you next Saturday (the 23rd) at 11:30 CT on IG: @quimbysbookstore Zines Monsterama #2 Nostalgia Driven Horror Art by Allan Graves $20 Cheap Toys #25 Year Two of the Plague $5 More themed issues of Skree! Psychotronic Issue, Dune & more $8 each Suicidal Tendencies T-shirt Zine $5 Possessed #13 The Fanzine For Slackers and Haters $2.50 Apartment …

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