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Do you want to sell your zine at Quimby's?
Has a new issue of your zine or minicomic come out?

Hello, Consignor! Please note that, as of June 2023, our consignment terms have changed. Help us help you by making sure you read all of our new terms, especially the information about checking in on your consignment items (no more often than every four months via email only), before you send anything for consignment. We will not be making any exceptions to our new policies for any consignor. Thank you for understanding that we need to make consignment a sustainable process for all of us.

We are asking all consignors (new and current) to sign this new agreement. Please read, fill in, and sign the required information on both the FRONT AND BACK of this form. Note that if you’re printing this out, it is 2 pages. For a digital version of these terms, an FAQ regarding consigning with us, and other Quimby’s consignment info, see our blog post at quimbys.com.

Print out our consignment terms & form at this link here and send us 5 copies of the latest issue of your zine/comic along with the completed form. For books, please send us only 3.

If you do not include your contact information and a retail price, we will assume that your book/comic/zine is free and put it in our free area, where it will surely get lost amid the multitude of flyers. Don't let that happen. Your work deserves better.

Oh, and if you're willing to put your zine/manifesto/pamphlet on consignment, there is no need to send us a sample copy or review copy.

Once your stuff has been here for at least four months, check in to see how it's doing at info(at)quimbys(dot)com. We will NOT do consignment check-ins over the phone, in person or via social media DM. CONSIGNMENT CHECK-INS MUST BE VIA EMAIL. Please be patient, since it may take us a while to get back to you.

Want to be an extra awesome consignor? Check out our FAQ about our new consignment policies, and also this helpful primer made by former Quimby’s employee Nicki Yowell.