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Holy Man

Holy Man

by Ion Birch

5.25"x7.25", 28p, b+w, stapled


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Them some big body parts! YOU KNOW THE BODY PARTS I'M TALKING ABOUT.

The Mutual Art website described the Holy Man exhibition. "Horton Gallery is pleased to present Holy Man, its first solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Ion Birch.

"The figures populating Holy Man, Ion Birch’s new series of graphite drawings, are not porn stars or dream girls. They are plucked from everyday life for masturbatory reveries. Like happy hedonists in amateur porn forums, their palpable delight at exposing their desires and flaunting their sexualities is as touching as it is arousing. The sexual scenarios that Birch depicts range from a good night at a swingers’ party to impossible fantasy-scenes pulsating between ecstasy and fever-dream. Carnal but cerebral, the art combines the gleeful humor of Gerard Damiano’s dirty movies with Henry Miller’s gritty social critique. Sex, in Birch’s work, bursts beyond social and logical constraints."