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Zigoto Apocalyopto #1

Zigoto Apocalyopto #1

8.5"x11", 36p, full color, stapled, limited 50 hand-numbered copies


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Thirty-six full color pages of weirdo art, prose and miscellaneous nonsense for you to consume while you wallow in existential depression and despair! 

ISSUE #1: Zigoto Apocalypto is a physical zine created to give unheard of underground artists an outlet to share twisted creations, strange art, otherworldly ideas and beautifully gloomy photography. Issue #1, entitled “ENTH”, debuts with an eclectic mix of drawings and photography from Zigoto Apocalypto, KyotoPunk, No Future Productions, Jon Potter, BEEJ, and Dylan Bell. If you enjoy dark, alternative art, this zine is for you.