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Zigoto Apocalypto #2

Zigoto Apocalypto #2

8.5"x11", 88p, full color, printed in edition of 50 hand-numbered copies


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This issue is more than double in size compared to #1! Packed with full color pages of weirdo art, prose and miscellaneous nonsense for you to consume while you wallow in existential depression and despair! 


It’s been a long, hard year of seemingly endless despair, but Zigoto Apocalypto #2 is finally here!  Issue #2, entitled “SLEEPING GARDENS”, stares long and hard into the abyss!  Herein you will find 88 pages of dark art and photography with a focus on beautiful cemeteries, picturesque gravesites, and masterful monuments to lost from around the world.  Contributing artists include Zigoto Apocalypto, Kyoto Punk, Arthur Storrs, No Future Productions, Dylan Bell, and Nathan Harlan.  Cemetery rabbits and goths will especially rejoice over this issue.