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Top: A Comic About Gender and Surgery

Top: A Comic About Gender and Surgery

by Rainer Bloodgood

Published by Microcosm Publishing

7"x8.5", 46p, stapled, b+w, peach cover


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In clear, evocative, down-to-earth comics, Rainer walks us through their medical path to top surgery, and offers wisdom for others who are considering the same procedure. They come out to their therapist, doctor, family, and cat, and walk us through some scripts for those conversations. They talk about hormones, binders, and all the various decisions and indecisions as they figured out what path they wanted to take. They give detailed accounts of their conversations with the surgeon and other medical professionals along the way, how they prepared for surgery, how they recovered, how loved ones provided support, and how it felt every step of the way. A seriously excellent resource and story, if you're transgender or nonbinary and contemplating a medical transition, this is like a detailed conversation with a friend who's been through it all. And if you're wondering how best to support the trans folks in your life, there's lots of good guidance and info in here, too.