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So You Think Your Cat Has Asthma

So You Think Your Cat Has Asthma

by Julia Eff

28 pages, quarter size (4.25 x 5.5"), typed, fully collaged, and photocopied


In Julia's words:


Here's the story of how I lied to an animal shelter, nearly fistfought an entire naval veterinary installation, and ended up the parent of an asthmatic black cat who wakes me up by either gently touching my face and peeping or jumping directly onto my nipple with both feet and headbutting me in the face hard enough to flare up my nose piercings, no in between.


Part guide for pet parents, part rambling story you overhear standing at the coffee machine at 7-11 at some liminal hour, part manifesto for better veterinary care & advocating for critters that can't advocate for themselves, SO YOU THINK YOUR CAT HAS ASTHMA is a heavily-collaged goth zine with informational sensibilities, sharing info about feline asthma in an approachable, not-gory way with zero catastrophizing and clear-cut, honest info about what's worked for us.


Because PetWebMD is just as horrifying as it sounds, and both us & our pets deserve to not be afraid when trying to deal with health issues.


Obvious disclaimer, I'm not a fkn doctor. If your cat's having health issues, you should take them to their doctor. I'm not here to diagnose or treat any illness for you or your pets, just share my experiences & raise awareness about this condition.


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