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by Kate Parnell

8.5"x11"-ish, SADDLE-BACKstitched (hahahahaha), page count go count it yourself


Out of Stock

First issue of the zine that bills itself as "Washington DC's 2nd favorite bathroom reader" published by Quimby's friend @garfieldfrommemory. We like it so much that we think it should be the 1st favorite bathroom reader. Granted, we're in Chicago, and we're known as the second city. There's some poetry (POOetry???) there but we don't know how to coalesce it into a good punchline. Indicative image paired with indicative quote that sums up our current predicament: ice cream cones saying (i-screaming?): "I scream, you scream, we all scream but no one hears." -LM


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