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Goofy Funnies #5

Goofy Funnies #5

by Dexter Cockburn

Published by Comix Company

5.5"x7.25" (perfect for sneakin' into church!), 32p, color cover, b+w inside


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Lotsa sex-soaked silliness from Vancouver-based Underground Comix artist Dexter Cockburn.



-The first part of a classic Spunkmeyer adventure, "Little Orphan What's-er'Name'.

-Even more Animal Antics with Bosco Bear.

-Fudster Pudwhacker gets up to his usual sexcapades in 'Fudster Pudwhacker Gets the Paper'.

-Pippa Creme and the Pearl Necklace... 'Nuff said!

... AND MORE!!!


Remember, kids... ADULTS ONLY!!!


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