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Mondo Karaoke #2 Karaoke Fantasy

Mondo Karaoke #2 Karaoke Fantasy

by BB Andersson, Stepahnie Brachmann, Eileen Chavez, Lily Hudson, John James, Ira M. Leigh, Monstark, Emily Moroz, Rachel Mulder, M.J. Ocasio, Sam Szabo, Jason Traeger and Liz Yerby

8.5"x5.5", 40p, riso, saddle stitched


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Says Ira M Leigh @myopicmisanthrope:

Mondo Karaoke 2: Karaoke Fantasy is out NOW! Order a copy if you want to...

✨See more fan art of the Sunfly Karaoke mascot than you'll find anywhere else (more obscure mascots Honky Cat, Mr Entertainer and Aaron Aardvark also make an appearance in an amazing @funwithjohnjames comic, and I also loooove @theonlylilyhudson's incredible knockoff Sunflys!)

✨Improve your at-home solo karaoke experience with tips and song suggestions

✨Read the first comic I've written since I was like 11 lol

✨Get excited about post-pandemic singing with a list of games to play with friends (or by yourself!)

✨Find out the songs the zine's contributors fantasize about singing at karaoke