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Place of the Song-Dream

Place of the Song-Dream

by Clint Marsh and Timothy Renner

Published by Fiddler's Green

4.5"x7", 12p, 2 illustrations, and copper foil leaf logo on the cover, saddle stitched


The Animal Spirituality of Kenneth Grahame

A Fiddler's Green Leaflet by Clint Marsh & Timothy Renner


A missing child prompts two friends to set off on a moonlit rescue mission down an enigmatic river. What they discover by night’s end will change their lives forever.


This illustrated essay explores the profound mystery of “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” the central chapter of Kenneth Grahame’s masterpiece The Wind in the Willows, a beloved book bridging the worlds of animal and man. ­Grahame’s chapter is a subtle and moving account of friendship, perception, and humility. In it he establishes a mysticism which, ­although original to the animal kingdom, is accessible to mankind if only we will pause long enough to listen and look.


Clint Marsh uses elements of myth, magic, folklore, and humor to help people navigate everyday life. He is the author of a number of books and pamphlets, and is a winner of the Bookseller/Diagram Prize.


Timothy Renner is an artist, writer, and musician drawn to the shady side of the woodland path. He is the ­author of Beyond the Seventh Gate, a book examining legends of rural Pennsylvania.


Originally published in Fiddler's Green 1