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Os Decorum Adult Coloring Book

Os Decorum Adult Coloring Book

by Shelby Lerner

8.5"x11", 32p, saddle stitched, color cover, b+w inside


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Os Decorum is an adult coloring book featuring the women of an alternate timeline where a rare disease causes the flesh to painlessly and randomly fall away from bones. This disease, known as The Peel only attacks hosts ho lack the Y chromosome. Women who contract The Peel feel no pain and are completely able-bodied. What began as a terrifying pandemic soon became commonplace. Once the initial panic subsided and the women learned more about the disease, life went back to normal, The sight of exposed bones became familiar and almost natural. Os Decorum is Latin for "handsome bone" and with a growing sense of pride some women began painting their bones as one would paint fingernails. In this book you meet the women of Os Decorum and observe the effects of The Peel.