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Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure

Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure

by Nicole Mazzeo

Details: The zine is 47 pages long (but a quick read) and includes a few illustrations. The cover has gold lettering. Measures 5" by 7" (12.7cm by 17.8cm).


Nicole says:

This is an interactive zine where the reader makes a series of choices about how to initiate sex.

The zine opens by setting the scene: You're making out with someone. You're really turned on, and you want to have sex. What do you do?

Options include asking, "Do you want to have sex?", describing your kinkiest fantasy and asking if they want to try it, touching their genitals without asking, and more. The reader can take an approach that's upfront and communicative, quiet and presumptuous, or even non-consensual. (It's worth noting that descriptions of the non-consensual options are not overly graphic, this zine is not meant to be upsetting.)

The reader is given many options for how to react to different things their partner might do or say. If they disregard their partner's feelings, they are met with a discussion on non-consensual sex or sexual pressure. If they make sure their partner is on board with everything they do, they are rewarded.

I made this zine to create a fun, engaging way for people to think about consent. It also includes information about safer sex, as well as realistic options for lowering the risk of STI transmission.

The zine takes a gender-free approach to negotiating consent, so it is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. It is relevant for anything from hookups to long term relationships.