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Square Head!

Square Head!

by Jep

6"x9". 24p. Full color.


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Jep Comix says:



SQUARE HEAD! is my latest comic book, and could be called JepComix #9 but isn’t. It’s another true tale, this one about a cultural exchange trip in 1983 between Sarnia and Trois Rivieres that my folks thought would be a good idea. 



28 pages long, this is the longest story I’ve tackled. It took about 3 years, and went through many editorial revisions under the supervision of my fantastic partner Marjan. I’m pretty happy with it. It debuted at WHITCAF in Fall of 2019. Thanks WHITCAF, all hail Libraries.


If you’re looking for a wholesome family story, this fucker has it all:  history lessons, french kissing, and interprovincial politics. Def Leppard and Offenbach, roller skating, Rush and Return of the Jedi. Trips to shacks in the woods and theme parks in Vaughan. Pornography, water sports and dramatic Airport Chase Scenes! You will not believe it, but it is all true.


Take a peek into a girl-obsessed, chastely-romantic 13-year-old mind circa 1983. A deep dive into the fundamental questions of life: Why do I have to go on this trip? Why is this kid such an asshole? Where are we going? and How do you water ski? 


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