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Montana Diary

Montana Diary

by Whit Taylor

Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

5.5"x8.5", 32p, full color, stapled


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The publisher says: "In Montana Diary, Whit Taylor presents a travelogue through Montana with her husband. Whit seamlessly mixes tourist observations with her reflection on environmental catastrophe and white supremacy. Montana is full of artifacts of American genocide against Black and Indigenous people. It’s populated with tourist traps, and stunning natural beauty. It’s a site where you can witness the collapse of centuries-old ecosystems.


All of these themes are presented in Whit’s matter-of-fact style. Her storytelling is so precise you don’t notice as the conversation shifts from the mundane and trivial to the critical and existential and back again. Whit grounds us in this comic despite the overwhelming grandness of the surroundings and the problems we face. Through a look at our past and present, Whit guides us to thinking better about our future."