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Endon Metra Osis

Endon Metra Osis

by Laura Rowley

Published by Illuminated Press

6"x6" triangle, 24p, sewn binding


In the United States it’s estimated that about 10% of women suffer from endometriosis, where cells from the uterine lining attach to other pelvic organs. Rowley’s zine explores their experience with this painful condition and the frustrating search for a diagnosis. Included are some horrifying historical accounts of women being “treated” for this and other sicknesses of the womb. I think the format of the object is genius, I have rarely seen triangular-shaped zines. When you hold it in your hand, it is in conversation with the content inside. Am I holding an organ? Which one? How many pieces like this are inside me? The sharp corners echo the stabbing pain many people who suffer from endometriosis feel every month when their misplaced tissue thickens and the blood has nowhere to exit the body.