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Sinister Wisdom #122

Sinister Wisdom #122

5.25"x8.5", 248p, perfect-bound


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From website of the publisher of this multicultural lesbian lit & arts journal:

Sinister Wisdom 122: Writing Communities gathers a selection of work edited by Stephanie Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle under the rubric Writing Communities. These important pieces reflect on how writers - - and readers - - build communities of shared interest. The issue also includes selections from the best new lesbian writing that lesbians submit to Sinister Wisdom. Sinister Wisdom 122: Writing Communities features a wonderful collection of writing about the life of Frances Clayton, an important lesbian foremother and partner of Audre Lorde for many years. Frances and Clare Coss assembled stories about Frances's early life and her life with Lorde. Lorde and Clayton's daughter, Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins provides a moving afterword on Frances Clayton's life. Also included in Sinister Wisdom 122: Writing Communities are remembrances of Alix Dobkin and Irare Sabasu.

Featuring Creative Work by:

Jewelle Gomez

Sheree L. Greer

Nicole Shawan Junior

Krystal A. Smith

Arisa White

Audra Puchalski

Paula Molina Acosta

Lourdes Dolores Follins

July Westhale

& More!