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Chickfactor #19

Chickfactor #19

by Gail O'Hara

68p, glossy cardstock cover, b+w inside, 8.5"x11", stapled


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Issue #19 is here of the legendary indie nerd fanzine edited by Gail O’Hara, who cofounded CF with Pam Berry in 1992 (yes, Belle & Sebastian wrote a song about it). 

This issue:

Interviews with: Artsick


Connie Lovatt (Containe, The Pacific Ocean, etc.)


Dan Bejar (Destroyer)


Gina Davidson (Marine Girls, The Fenestration)




Kevin Alvir’s Fanboy Memoirs


Magic Roundabout


Melenas (interview by Janice Headley)


Rachel Aggs (Sacred Paws, Shopping, Trash Kit)


Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture, Spelt) (interview by Gail and Gaylord Fields)


Rebecca Cole (Clay Cole, Minders, Wild Flag)


Sacred Paws


Say Sue Me (interview by James McNew)




The Umbrellas


Laura Veirs (interview by Rachel Blumberg)


+ The usual silly polls where indie stars answer the latest round of Qs


+ Lois Maffeo on the latest Tracey Thorn book, Theresa Kereakes on the Poly Styrene doc


+ Loads of record reviews: albums, EPs, 7-inch singles, reissues, comps, collections, films, books and live shows + Esteemed contributors (writers, artists and photographers) including Kevin Alvir, Rachel Blumberg, Joe Brooker, Angelina Capodanno, Jason Cohen, Gaylord Fields, Amy Greenan, Glenn Griffith, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), Edwina Hay, Janice Headley, HK Kahng, Theresa Kereakes, Beatrix Madell, Dawn Sutter Madell, Lois Maffeo, James McNew, Kendall Meade, Stephin Merritt, Peter Momtchiloff, Nancy Novotny, Gail O’Hara, Chris Phillips, Sukhdev Sandhu, Jen Sbragia, Stephen Troussé, Julie Underwood, Lydia Vanderloo & Doug Wallen.


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