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Gutter Hunter #2

Gutter Hunter #2

by Robin Bougie

6.5"x10.25", 100p, perfect bound on black and white newsprint paper


The Adults Only Guide To History's Wildest Independent Comics.

This new comic-sized, annually-published publication is a celebration of the weirdest, most memorable, rarest, and altogether most eyebrow-raising independent comics of all time. Small press, '90s alternative, '80s black & white explosion, '70s and '60s undergrounds - all of the most amazing non-corporate sequential art ever produced is on the table, and being rifled through.

Filled with reviews, comics, essays, interviews and while illustrated and hand-lettered, Gutter Hunter retains the aesthetic of the work it focuses on. Many of these are comics made by actual cults, outsiders, outlaws, and oddballs, and most of the stories here have NEVER BEEN TOLD BEFORE in any magazine.

Featured in this second issue are:An ode to legendary Vancouver comic shop RX comics, Colin Upton's Big Black Thing, Bionika, interviews with Jay Bee, Matt Forsythe, and Phill Barrett, Shawn Kerri, the history of Sequential Art Censorship in Canada, lesser known first appearances of better known indy comic characters, Robert Zailo's Rabid Rachel, Vinson Watson's Sweet Childe, the Italian 80s underground known as PIG, the history of the comics used to sell Waldorf Toilet paper, the troubled brilliance of late UK comix legend Mike Matthews... and SO SO much more, including the regular features: 'Independent Comic Unsolved Mysteries' and 'The indy comic cover art hall of fame'.

"I have, for 25 years, been peering my investigative eye towards this very topic, but where it resides in the history of cult movies. In the book and magazine series of Cinema Sewer I've been uncovering and unearthing the behind-the-scenes dirt on the making of cult films, tracking down the people that made these cinematic marvels, and getting them to tell their stories. Now I'm turning that same eye, that very same writing style and focusing it on a road even less travelled: on the disrespected, underappreciated, and misunderstood history of indy comix." -Robin Bougie