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by Birch Rosen

8.5"x5.5", 32p, color cover, b+w inside


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The author says, "Boobless is a personal zine about preparing for and recovering from top surgery, written from the perspective of a couple of years post-op. Topics include picking up groceries and prescriptions in advance, listening to Sawbones while taking a weird shower, Switchfoot in the operating room, al dente Jell-O, sleepily eating a bagel, watching anime and freaking out, crying over tweets, my damaged but improving relationship with my mom, surgical complications, long-term satisfaction, and statistics about top surgery and nipple sensation. I've also included some recommendations of other zines and comics about top surgery.


Although it's more of a personal narrative than an educational text, you'll likely learn something from it, whether you're considering top surgery, supporting someone going through it, or just looking for an entertaining read.


Boobless is 11,000 words long, with an introduction about how I came to tell this story, an afterword about the right to gender-affirming care, and a bibliography."