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Many Gods, No Masters

Many Gods, No Masters

by Elliott Stewart

8.5"x5.5", 44p, b+w, stapled


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Elliott sez:

Many Gods, No Masters is less of a 101 How-to and more of a winding, rambling Why I am of pagan beliefs.  In it, I talk about the Irish and Scottish pantheon and touch on subjects like grief, holidays, and philosophy. It's filled with pop culture references, punk ethos, and a DIY spirit. 

Elliott Stewart spent most of his life in Huntington, WV and surrounding areas, minus a few hiatuses.  Elliott has been making zines since he was thirteen. These days, his writing is slice of life storytelling through a critical, personal-is-political lens. He's especially fascinated by the intersection of people's personal experiences with pop culture and "low brow" entertainment. Some of his influences include Harvey Pekar, John Hodgman, Hanif Abdurraqib, and Nick Hornby.  He loves highlighting the Mountain State and Huntington in particular in his writing, from colloquialisms and a love of hot dogs to larger values like community and DIY.