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Dream Catalog: Summer '97 Collection

Dream Catalog: Summer '97 Collection

by Jone Greaves

8.5"x3.75", b+w on gray paper, brochure trifold


Jone Greaves makes unique and fascinating zines that tend to touch upon the mysteries of the beyond. 

Dream Catalog: Summer '97 Collection is a delightful trifolded zine that mimics a brochure-style catalog. The wares are such dream objects as a "Perfect Bee" that "exists in a state of perfection," emanating a golden glow; and a "Song That Reduced You to Tears but Is Gone in the Morning." Greaves includes compelling and at times hilarious descriptions of each catalog item as they exist in the dream world. -Echo


The artist says: "The Dream Catalog is your destination to make the incorporeal a possibility. Plucked from dreams, forced into the shape of our ceaseless logic, these abstract concepts materialize into the physical, and are on sale now."


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