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Dark Tomato #1

Dark Tomato #1

by Sakura Maku

Published by Domino Books


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SM makes some of the most weird, beautiful and innovative comics I've ever seen. Dark Tomato, about some strange events in the life of one of New York's finest subway drivers, slips through a dream reality and hangs out in a teacup. Prince Tamlin Tomato, with the love fuel of her dear Grandmother, interprets the signs and navigates the funky funnels of the MTA tunnels with narrative motion that folds in on itself only to expand unexpectedly. Maku's vibrant, boney, wire-haired characters look like amazing teenage fan art for the Rolling Stones collaged with scraps from the best fabric store ever. They move through patterned space with a fluid float that builds language the from scratch both linguistically and graphically. The debut title from Austin English's new publishing project Domino Books, this comic is a real power. -EF  

20p, b&w with color cover, 8"x10"