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by Paul Lyons

72 giant pages, printed in dark grey-navy with 2-color silkscreen cover, 10"x14", edition of 666


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This Fort Thunder relic re-animates itself and swamps it up with extra muscle and new comics monstrosities from a huge roll call of Satan's jesters:

Jim Drain, Michael DeForge, Mickey Zacchilli, Brian Ralph, Chuck Forsman, James Kolchalka, Jim Rugg, Peter Edwards, Andy Estep, Oscar Estep, CF, Brian Chippendale, Blade, Keith McCulloch, Mike Taylor, Roby Newton, Edie Fake, Leif Goldberg, Keith Jones, Dennis Franklin, Jo Dery, Erik Talley, Beatrice McGeoch, Tony Astone, Mat Brinkman, Nick Thorburn, Melissa Mendes, Aaron DeMuth with an out-of-control Paul Lyons wraparound cover. 


**Huge in size and entertainment, we may have to adjust your shipping rate to properly mail you this.