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Archiving the Underground #1

Archiving the Underground #1

by Jenna Brager and Jami Sailor


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Jenna and Jami are like a zine archivist Dream Team getting into a lot of crooks and nannies and doing it all in a zine. It's a tricky topic...how and why do you archive media that often openly flaunts itself as underground, anti-establishment and anti-catagorization. They interview Milo Miller from the Queer Zine Archive Project, Alison Piepmeier, author of Girl Zines, Adela C Licona author of Zines In the Third Space and Teal Triggs, author of the controversial "Fanzines" coffee table book that glossed over many issues of author consent and compensation. Jenna "Lower East Side Librarian" Freedman rounds out the issue with a breakdown of what seperates zines from blogs. 


40p, b&w, 5.5"x8.5"