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by Pat Barrett, Ben Horak, Josh Kramer and Betsey Swardlick


Hey Nerd! Remember the first time you saw "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" and you didn't leave the house until you had watched it 27 times in a row and knew all the lines and trivia and then you started dressing like Z-Man Bardell? Well then... Nymphonomena is a comics anthology for you! It's talking about that very special feeling - that cult film obsessioncrush - and it cooks up a fake trashfilm classic ("Nymphonomena") to be its focal point, complete with radical transsexual plotline and sexy catchphrases ("I came from space to mate"). Yup. It's a groovy comic- you'd like to strap it on some time. -EF

52p, b&w with gold on the cover, 6.75"x10.25"