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Bipedal By Pedal

Bipedal By Pedal

Published by Microcosm Publishing


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A social history and tactics lesson about the Critical Mass bicycle movement. Initially meant to serve as a lesson for the unaware, this document is a refresher and motivator about the movement. The biggest question - "is Critical Mass a protest or a celebration?" is explored in extensive detail here and in submission pieces by Ted White (early Critical Mass co-founder and director of "We aren't blocking Traffic!" documentary), Ayleen Crotty (co-host of the KBOO bike show), Scott Larkin (Go By Bicycle zine) , and more. There are also extensive reprints from the 1995 Critical Mass zine "Hey! Get Out of Our Way!" that updates the text and ideas. Illustrations (on every page!) by Matt Gauck, Fly, Sparky Taylor, Andy Singer, a clipping from "The Oregonian", and more!