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Suspect Device #1

Suspect Device #1

by Josh Bayer and Edwin Vazquez

32p, b&w, color cover, 7"x10"


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A turd in the hand is worth two in the Bushmiller....Josh Bayer and Edwin Vazquez assemble quite the goon squad to take old Nancy out for a night on the town. -EF

Work from: Jon Vermilea, Dane Martin, Elizabeth Bethea, Lizz Hickey, Nikki Burch, Brendan Leach, B Florio with M Note, Josh Burggraf, Jimmy Giegerich, J Hessig, Scalzo, M Sgier, Marina Gargarina, Leroy, V Kerlow, Sam Henderson, Anne Emond, Pat Aulisio, Tom Hart, Jude Killroy and Box Brown.


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