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Punk Planet #67 May Jun 05

Punk Planet #67 May Jun 05

160p, b&w, color cover, 8.5"x11"


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Cat Chow, Andy Mueller, Tara McPherson, Jacob Bannon, Christa Donner featured in the third Art and Design Special Issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Because Punk Planets are so thick - and so cheap- if you order a bunch of them we may have to adjust your postage rate. About 3 can fit in a USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope -max- which is our lowest shipping rate. A Large Size Flat Rate Box can hold 14-18 issues. If you are interested in picking up a lot of Punk Planets expect us to get back to you after you order with the shipping adjustments. We will always ship them USPS Priority at the cheapest rate possible.