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Chameleon #2

Chameleon #2

by Jesse Balmer and Jonny Negron

60p, blue ink on pink, 7"x10"


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Rage exercises and messy ends. Jesse Balmer gives us a dirty line to feline mind control, Jon Boam does a room study that reminds me of Luke Ramsey's Islands' Fold books, Patrick Kyle sends us to the trollverse and keeps us there, Uno Moralez keeps it pixelatin', Roman Muradov works some stylish melancholy into his piece on sheltering umbrellas- it reminds me a little of Laura Park's work for Mome- Jonny Negron drafts a great, gritty street fight and Zejian Shen takes the cake with a nocturnal mission - her drawing of a pool of virgin blood is maybe my favorite thing in this book that's already all-thriller, no-filler. Look straight into these eyes, kiddies. -EF