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Sleazy Slice #5

Sleazy Slice #5

64p, b&w, color cover, 7"x10"


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Holy Moly, this is for sure the most solid issue yet of Robin Bougie's cum-drenched comics anthology/cesspool. Bougie and Maxine Frank follow up their absurdly amazing story in Maximum Superexcitement #3 with a sex control megabattle of giant naked ladies (there's an abridged version of this in Oh My Comics #3, btw). Then Karl Wills dicks around with Jessica the junkie schoolgirl and the team of Steve Carter and Antoinette Ryder blow your mind to the Mad Maximum in a post-apocalyptic Down-Under hellhole orgy. Then John Howard does a smash bang job in "Leather Whore" of visualizing Andrea Dworkin's writing on porn. Jason "Fukitor" Karns draws an expectedly nasty, surprisingly undersexed, corndog-fixated shortie called "Carnie Tramp" and the curtains close on a gallery of Tom Crites' pinups for the demonically possessed. Nicely arranged and surely deranged, bang for yr buck, hun. -EF