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Viewotron #2

Viewotron #2

by Sam Sharpe

40p, b&w, 6.75"x9"


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The latest Viewotron is fantastic: it's a nuanced and heartwrenching memoir of reconnecting with a schizoid mother. Sharpe's comics are always drawn with crystal clarity and calculated punch- here those chops act in service of a story that doesn't shy away from the subtleties and difficulties of negotiating mental illness. This is memoir that dares to cut the core of what it deals with, and does so with grace and wit. Reminds me of the way Art Spiegelman handled his scarred and problematic parents in Maus, or Leslie Stein's empathetic portrayal of wayward adulthood in the latest volume of Eye of the Majestic Creature. Really Great and Highly Recommended Comics. -EF