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Phase 7 #018

Phase 7 #018

by Alec Longstreth

26p, b&w, 7"x8.5"


Alec Longstreth's exploration of Weezer fandom switches gears here from doing a track-by-track rundown to a more general extrapolation on what it means to be an obsessed fan. It's the sort of comic that reads like a blog entry. He is completely focused here with the accuracy of details (including a 3-page explaination about he personally is responsible for messing up the continuity of the book "The Pinkerton Diaries"). Whereas the actual accuracy neither adds nor detracts from his concertgoing story, his fixation with it certainly sets the tone by upping the nerdiness quotient 1000%. That's good vibes for this issue- being more about the scene and his part in it than about the album itself- it makes the comic more interesting and relatable. -EF